About ACES FlexMetrics

American Control & Engineering Service (ACES)

In an industry of specialization, ACES is known for their broad range of knowledge as a result of servicing control systems across a variety of industries. From ovens and furnaces to municipal water plants and oil fields, our exposure to ideas from diverse industries allows us to solve problems no one else can, many of which are corrections to brand new pieces of equipment.

"We're Thomas Edison's laboratory turned inside out."

Our labratory is outside the walls of our office — to build, to learn, to invent. The customer’s factory is our lab and that passion for troubleshooting and improving processes brings unprecedented ease and productivity to our clients.

FlexMetrics Data Acquisition and Reporting System

FlexMetrics is our highly customizable platform for monitoring and recording data from remote locations. It consists of two parts: A data gathering application that interacts with your remote sites to capture and store data from measurements of interest, and a user-configurable web application that provides your users with instant access to view the current status of your sites as well as a comprehensive history of their recorded data.

Flexibility is Paramount

We understand that one size never fits all. At ACES, we strive to offer personalized solutions in all that we do so that when the job is finished, our customers have a product that will fit their needs exactly. The FlexMetrics system was built from the ground up to support these values by offerring a unified and highly configurable dashboard system on top of a flexible data acquisition system.

The web application provides for the creation of user accounts with different access levels so that certain areas of the site or access to a particular remote location's data can be limited to a specified group of users. A hierarchy is used to organize the remote process locations into groups for quick and easy access. Monitoring and reviewing the remote systems is made simple with the interactive charts, graphs, and gauges.

Wherever your system may be, we can provide an interface for collecting the data. The currently available options for communication include internet access, dial-up connection, cellular networks, and satelite.

Continuous Improvements

Because FlexMetrics is developed in-house, we have absolute control over the user experience, and we are continually adding to the software to enhance the usability and convenience of the system for our clients. If there is something that you don't like, or there is a feature that you feel should be added, tell us about it. We would be happy to hear about any improvement that would provide you with a better user experience.